VASER® Hi-Def Liposuction

VASER® high definition liposuction is a minimally invasive body sculpting procedure offered by the board certified plastic surgeon at the Midtown Manhattan based Body Sculpting Center of NYC. As humans age and our hormones change / weight fluctuates, the body changes over time, which can lead to the presence of extra fat that will not go away with routine exercise or a healthy diet. The VASER® Hi-Def liposuction procedure focuses on the removal of fat deposits above the muscles to create a more chiseled and defined appearance.  

Dr. Matthew DelMauro is amazing. He did my liposuction and I look awesome!! I’m young. I exercise and eat healthy. But I had just a little bit of extra fat around my belly that I could never seem to get rid of. I went to Dr. DelMauro to see if he could do anything. He said he wouldn’t have to take out a lot of fat, but he would take it out in just the right places to really make me look toned (but not muscular or manly). It’s been a few months since my procedure, and I look awesome!!! Because of Dr. DelMauro I feel way more confident in bikinis and dresses and when I’m just standing in front of the mirror. Dr. DelMauro really is the best! ~ RealSelf

High definition liposuction at the Body Sculpting Center of NYC involves the extraction of excess fat deposits with a cannula using VASER® technology – which loosens and eliminates stubborn fat deposits – to sculpt the body and create a more chiseled silhouette in the targeted area. The procedure uses advanced body sculpting techniques that give patients a chiseled, contoured appearance that improves the visibility of underlying tone and musculature. VASER® Hi-Def liposuction aims to give patients a more athletic contour through the removal of deep and superficial fat that surrounds the muscles in the target area.

Please Note: Liposuction is not a replacement for a healthy diet or exercise.

VASER® Hi-Def liposuction is a more specialized form of liposuction that may be used on many sections of the body to remove fat and shape the body. Both men and women can benefit from VASER® Hi Def because of its ability to target the thin layer of fat that sits on top of the muscles.

The most popular target areas for VASER® High Definition Liposuction: 

  • Chest
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Chin
  • Abdomen

The VASER® Hi-Def procedure creates highly defined and sculpted results because muscle structures are chiseled and the underlying musculature is made to be more visible and well defined. The procedure is frequently chosen to produce strong-looking pectorals, outlined upper arms, clearly defined abdominal flanks, an athletic six-pack, or a strong, chiseled upper and lower back. During your initial high definition liposuction consultation with the cosmetic plastic surgeon, you will discuss your treatment goals with the doctor and he will explain the VASER® HiDef liposuction procedure in full. The plastic surgeon will perform a medical exam to determine you are physically and psychologically a candidate for the liposuction treatment with the Body Sculpting Center of NYC. Individuals who are near their goal weight and desire a more defined, athletic contour. You will have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the plastic surgeon about any questions or concerns you may have about the liposuction procedure.

During your VASER® Hi-Def liposuction treatment, the plastic surgeon numbs the target region(s) with a local anesthetic. The procedure may take 3-4 hours depending on the final treatment areas. The fat cells are subsequently broken down by an ultrasonic pulse that is produced by a VASER® probe with a 3mm diameter. Through a gentle suction technique that causes the least amount of harm to the surrounding tissues, the doctor is then able to sculpt and define the underlying muscles. Once finished, the minuscule incisions are closed and patients may return home immediately after the procedure. Patients may begin to see results at about two weeks post-op. Patients typically take about 5-7 days off work to recover from VASER® Hi-Def liposuction.

A complimentary consultation at the Body Sculpting Center of NYC in Manhattan, New York with our best in class board certified aesthetic plastic surgeon will help you understand which treatment is right for you. The sooner you are assessed by our best in class team, the sooner you can see results! Long-term results are just a phone call or an email away.

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