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The top rated board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Matthew DelMauro, founder and medical director of the Body Sculpting Center of NYC, is proud to offer a variety of plastic surgery breast procedures for women seeking to change the aesthetics of their chest. Our Midtown, Manhattan based plastic surgeon and his dedicated team routinely perform Breast Augmentation with Breast Implants, Breast Lift (with or without breast implants), Breast Reduction, Fat Transfer to Breasts, and Revision Breast Surgery (Breast Surgery Correction) at the Body Sculpting Center of NYC. Our plastic surgery team uses a careful combination of science and aesthetics to create dramatic, natural-looking results that reflect the unique anatomy and desires of our patients. 

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Our top of the line New York board certified plastic surgeon routinely performs breast surgery at the Body Sculpting Center of NYC‘s boutique surgical suite located in the heart of Midtown, Manhattan. Whether it is due to gravity, genetics, prior breastfeeding, or the natural aging process, many women experience saggy or hollow breasts that have lost elasticity. Breast surgery can help rejuvenate the breasts in a number of functional and / or aesthetic ways.

The Body Sculpting Center of NYC offers the following breast procedures:

  • Breast Augmentation: A breast augmentation with our board certified plastic surgeon consists of enhancing the size and shape of the breasts with the help of surgically inserted silicone or saline implants. During the procedure, your plastic surgeon creates small incisions at the axillary, inframammary, or periareolar position, depending on your unique anatomy and implant type and the implants are securely placed under the breasts before the incisions are closed. Patients can expect to be out of school or work for 1-2 weeks. Results are immediate.
  • Breast Lift (with or without implants): Women who suffer from sagging or deflated breasts may opt to undergo a breast lift with the Body Sculpting Center of NYC to correct the overall aesthetic and functionality of the chest. By eliminating extra sagging tissue from the breast and straightening / realigning the breast mound and nipple, breast lift surgery improves the flexibility of the female breast tissue.
  • Breast Reduction: Breast reduction surgery can greatly improve a woman’s quality of life through the removal of excess tissue from oversized breasts. Our Midtown, Manhattan based plastic surgeon offers the double incision and periareolar methods under general anesthesia. Results are immediate.
  • Fat Transfer to Breasts: A fat transfer to the breasts consists of harvesting fat from one location of the body with excess fat deposits, processing it in a machine, and then reinjecting the fat solution into the breasts to enlarge them. This procedure is also called a Natural Breast Augmentation.
  • Revision Breast Surgery: Our board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon routinely performs revision breast surgery for patients who underwent failed breast procedures with other surgeons. Patients may undergo revision breast surgery to correct a failed breast augmentation, lift, reduction, or fat transfer to the breasts. The NY board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon of the Body Sculpting Center of NYC will carefully evaluate your incisions, scars, and / or implants to determine the best course of treatment.

A complimentary breast surgery consultation at the Body Sculpting Center of NYC in Manhattan, New York with our best in class board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon will help you understand which treatment is right for you. The sooner you are assessed by our best in class team, the sooner that you can see results! Long-term results are just a phone call or an email away.

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