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The bra line back lift (also known as an upper back lift) is routinely performed by our best in class board certified plastic surgeon at the Manhattan, New York based Body Sculpting Center of NYC. Some women might find the bulging folds known as “bra bulge” on the upper back, particularly in the vicinity of the bra line, to be unattractive. Unfortunately, this can have a significant negative effect on one’s self-esteem, especially given the frustration of trying to find the perfect outfit to cover up the bulge. The Body Sculpting Center of NYC offers the upper back lift to reduce or diminish stubborn fat folds known as “bra bulges”.

  • We offer free bra line back lift consultations at our Manhattan NYC plastic surgery practice

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When diet and exercise are not enough, cosmetic surgery may be the right option for those seeking a solution to stubborn fat deposits that cause sagging / bulging folds on the upper back (near the bra line). An ideal candidate for a bra line back lift with our NYC plastic surgeon is an individual whose upper back skin laxity has resulted in a bulge near the bra line that they have been unable to eliminate through diet and exercise alone. 

** A bra line back lift is not a replacement for healthy diet and routine exercise.

Benefits of a Bra Line Back Lift / Upper Back Lift at the Body Sculpting Center of NYC: 

  • Removes extra skin and fat from the body
  • Results are seen right away 
  • The scar from the incision is concealed by the bra or bikini strap

The initial consultation consists of determining a patient’s eligibility through a medical exam. Patients may be eligible for an upper back lift if they are physically and psychologically healthy and have realistic post-surgical expectations. If you are a good candidate for a bra line back lift, your plastic surgeon will discuss your desired post-treatment goals with you and will explain the procedure in full. You will have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with your plastic surgeon about any questions or concerns you may have regarding your bra line back lift / upper back lift surgery.

On the day of plastic surgery, patients travel to the Body Sculpting Center of NYC’s fully-accredited surgical suite (Manhattan, NY) for their procedure. Liposuction is used in the first stage of the treatment to remove extra fat from the area. The excess skin is then removed from the back via a precisely positioned incision, which is subsequently sewn up with dissolvable sutures. The scar is placed in a position where it can be conveniently concealed by a bra or bikini strap. The procedure may take between 2-4 hours, and patients can expect to go home the same day of surgery. After having extra skin and fat removed during your bra line back lift, patients can anticipate their backs to look attractive once the swelling has gone down. The back rolls and bra bulge will be virtually gone, leaving a flat appearance. Additionally, the upper back’s girth will be slimmed, creating a naturally pleasing appearance.

A complimentary bra line back lift consultation at the Body Sculpting Center of NYC in Manhattan, New York with our best in class board certified aesthetic plastic surgeon will help you understand which treatment is right for you. The sooner you are assessed by our best in class team, the sooner you can see results! Long-term results are just a phone call or an email away.

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