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Our top Manhattan NYC breast implants (breast augmentation) plastic surgeons offer complimentary consultations.

Breast augmentation surgery is offered by the best in class New York board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Matthew DelMauro, at the Body Sculpting Center of NYC (Midtown Manhattan). Women may opt to undergo a breast augmentation due to a decrease in breast volume, size, and shape. This may be due to childbirth, breastfeeding, the natural aging process, genetics, fluctuating weight, or hormonal changes. Our plastic surgeon at the Body Sculpting Center of NYC is highly trained in breast surgery, making him known as a top breast augmentation specialist plastic surgeon in the Greater New York Metro area.

Dr. DelMauro is AMAZING. I typically don’t write reviews but I wanted to share how amazing my experience was. When you first meet with your doctor, most of us are either nervous or super excited. Dr. DelMauro makes you feel completely comfortable no matter the state your in when you walk in. Dr. DelMauro listens to your wants but also gives you his realistic opinions that can meet your needs. You walk out feeling more confident within your decision and doctor than you did coming in. Did I mention my results? When I tell you I was a flat chested beautiful girl but now I’m a natural looking, small C boobs, confident, beautiful women!!! Dr. DelMauro hands are god sent. You can tell it’s not just a job for him, but it is truly a passion. Let this review be your sign that you picked the right doctor. 10/10 recommend! ~ RealSelf

As women age, the breasts can begin to sag, deplete, and lose significant volume, which can ultimately lead to discomfort in tight-fitting tops and self-consciousness—especially when intimate with a partner. A breast augmentation with the Body Sculpting Center of NYC can help women achieve breasts that are more firm, lifted, and shapely. Breast augmentation surgery is highly customizable. No two breast augmentations are the same, as each procedure is unique to each patient’s anatomy and post-treatment goals. 

Our New York based plastic surgeon offers the following breast augmentation procedures:

  • Breast Augmentation with Implants: A breast augmentation with implants differs greatly from a natural breast augmentation, as a breast augmentation with implants requires the use of silicone or saline implants. When deciding on the size and contour of breast implants, there are several possibilities: smooth or textured; rounded or curved; high profile, moderate profile, or low profile. Depending on the breast implants you choose, the overall postoperative change can be minor or significant. During surgery, your plastic surgeon creates small incisions in the folds of your breasts or around the areolas, depending on your unique anatomy and the type of implant. The implants are placed under the breasts, and the incision is closed. Patients can expect to be out of school or work for 1-2 weeks, and swelling subsides by 3-4 weeks. 
  • Natural Breast Augmentation (AKA Fat Transfer to Breasts): A fat transfer to the breasts can greatly increase the shape, size, and elasticity of the breasts in a natural way. This procedure does not require the surgical placement of foreign materials in the body, such as silicone or gel. Instead your own fat is used, resulting in breasts that feel, look, and move naturally. During the procedure, fat is extracted from a problem area where the patient desires less fat. The fat is then purified and reinjected into the breasts. Patients can expect to be out of school or work for 1-2 weeks, and swelling subsides by 3-4 weeks. 

During your initial breast augmentation consultation with our board certified NY plastic surgeon, the doctor will perform a medical exam to determine your eligibility for the procedure. If you are a candidate for breast augmentation surgery, your plastic surgeon will explain the breast enhancement procedures offered at the Body Sculpting Center of NYC, including breast augmentation with implants and natural breast augmentation (fat transfer to the breasts). You will have the opportunity to speak to the plastic surgeon one-on-one to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about the breast augmentation procedure.

A complimentary consultation at the Body Sculpting Center of NYC in Manhattan, New York with our best in class board certified aesthetic plastic surgeon will help you understand which treatment is right for you. The sooner you are assessed by our best in class team, the sooner you can see results! Long-term results are just a phone call or an email away.

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